Bail And Tennessee DUI

Though many people have probably heard the term “bail” before, they may not know exactly what it is—they just know it involves paying money to get out of jail. Basically, bail is an agreement between the person charged with a crime (the defendant) and the court system. You pay bail to be released from jail and assure the court that you will return for your scheduled proceedings. If you fail to appear in court as scheduled for any reason, you will not get the bail money back.

Bond Vs. Bail

Although posting bail and posting bond both achieve the same end, they differ in the type of payment made. Bail is a cash payment provided by you, a family member or a friend. If you or someone you know doesn’t have the funds to post bail, you may post a bond. A bond is a loan secured with collateral, typically through a bail-bondsman. Generally, you must put up some type of property, like a car or house, as collateral to secure the bond.

Why Should I Post Bail?

It is very important that you post bail and get out of jail as soon as possible, because time is of the essence in building a suitable defense strategy. You cannot find and hire a reputable, experienced lawyer as long as you are sitting in a jail cell. The sooner you are able to post bail and get out of jail, the sooner you can find a suitable defense attorney and begin building your defense.

Why Should I Call Marcos Garza?

If you have been charged with DUI in the state of Tennessee, it’s imperative that you find a high-quality, knowledgeable defense lawyer who can ensure your rights have not been violated. Marcos Garza is a highly trained, experienced attorney who has dedicated his legal career to defending DUI cases. If you are facing DUI charges in Tennessee, you should call the Garza Law Firm as soon as you have posted bail so that we can begin gathering all the facts, doing all necessary research and building a top-notch defense strategy that will render the most favorable outcome possible.

If you call the Garza Law Firm, we will sit down with you for a free case consultation to discuss the specifics of your case before you make a final decision on a defense attorney.

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