DUI Urine Test Defenses In Tennessee

Of the three major types of chemical test used in determining blood alcohol content—breath, blood and urine tests—the urine test is the least accurate. The timing of a urine test is especially critical when trying to ascertain an individual’s BAC. This is due to the three major phases of alcohol consumption: the absorption phase, the distribution phase and the elimination phase.

During the absorption phase, alcohol levels in the blood increase. The BAC plateaus during the distribution period, and during the elimination phase, the BAC begins to fall.

Problems With Urine Testing

Although it is possible to obtain a BAC reading from a urine sample, it generally is not the most reliable gauge of a person’s blood alcohol content. This is because the alcohol level in urine is about 1.3 times higher than the correlating BAC during the elimination phase, which could lead to an artificially high test result.

Further, individuals with diabetes or those suffering from yeast or bacterial infections may produce artificially high readings on a urine alcohol test.

Proper Protocol Must Be Followed

It is also imperative that proper procedures are followed when administering a urine BAC test. Failure to do so can severely compromise the integrity of the test and skew the results, rendering them inadmissible in court.

A seasoned DUI defense attorney may ask such questions as: Did the individual completely empty their bladder before providing the urine sample? Did the individual wait the required period of time before providing the sample? Was the urine sample properly handled and stored? Is there a sample readily available for independent testing by the defense? Were all individuals and equipment involved in the testing properly certified?

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