Drugged Driving In Tennessee

As more states continue to decriminalize and legalize drugs like marijuana, law enforcement officers are increasingly watching for drivers operating vehicles under the influence of substances other than alcohol. Although the majority of DUI convictions still involve alcohol, the number of DUI charges involving marijuana, prescription medications and illicit drugs continues to rise.

Much like a DUI involving alcohol, a prosecutor must convince a jury that the driver charged with drugged driving was, in fact, “under the influence” of whatever substance was allegedly involved. However, there is no charge for drugged driving that is equivalent to the DUI “per se” charge for alcohol. In other words, there is no base measurement for determining whether a person was under the influence of marijuana or another substance.

Prosecuting Drugged Driving

The testimony of the arresting officer or an expert witness, such as a toxicologist, may be used to establish a case against you. Evidence such as the presence of marijuana in your vehicle or of THC metabolites in your body may be presented in trial, but it will be up to the prosecution to prove that the substance affected your ability to drive at the time of the arrest.

DUI Means DUI, Every Time

It is important to note that the definition of “driving under the influence” remains the same, whether the case involves alcohol, marijuana or even prescribed medication. In any DUI case, the prosecution must prove that your ability to operate the motor vehicle was, in some way, impaired.

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