DUI Court Procedures In Tennessee

The Tennessee courts follow a very structured, complex system, which can be difficult to understand unless you have formal law training. If you are arrested for DUI in Tennessee, your case may go through a number of varying courts and be heard by different juries, depending on the specifics of your case.

The state of Tennessee operates two separate courts in which DUI cases may be heard: General Sessions Court and Criminal Court. Again, the details of your case as well as how you plead will determine the exact processes your DUI case undergoes.

General Sessions Court

Most DUI cases are heard in General Sessions Court. If the DUI is a misdemeanor, it may be resolved in General Sessions Court either by preliminary hearing, trial without jury or plea agreement. If the case is not resolved in General Sessions Court, it moves up the judicial ladder to the Grand Jury.

Grand Jury

The Grand Jury—a body of 13 citizens—determines whether the case has enough probable cause to go to criminal trial. During the Grand Jury hearing, the defendant’s attorney is not allowed to argue—it is a one-sided trial in which the prosecution pleads their case against the defendant.

Criminal Court

The last tier in the Tennessee court system is Criminal Court. Here, your attorney may present your defense to the jury, as well as cross-examine any witnesses or subpoena their own witnesses or experts to testify.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Attorney?

The criminal trial is a complex process that involves numerous motions and follows mandated procedures. It is crucial that you have a seasoned, knowledgeable attorney on your team who understands these proceedings and is experienced in Tennessee DUI court trials.

Knoxville-based DUI lawyer Marcos Garza has dedicated his career to defending citizens against DUI charges. He is well versed in all of Tennessee’s laws and trial proceedings, and he will work hard to ensure you receive the fair trial you deserve.

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