DUI Expert Witnesses In Tennessee

Expert witnesses are routinely employed both by defense attorneys and prosecutors. Experts may be called in to substantiate claims set forth by law enforcement officers regarding results of field sobriety tests or chemical BAC tests; conversely, your defense attorney may call upon an expert to discredit results of field sobriety tests or chemical tests, if your attorney believes the tests were improperly administered or the results misinterpreted. In many cases, you will need an advocate such as the Garza Law Firm, in order to prove that the state witness may not have the proper credentials to testify about the area of science or expertise in which he or she claims to have expert knowledge. In many cases, self-proclaimed experts may go un-checked in criminal defense cases, leading to unnecessary convictions based on faulty or inadequate evidence.

Field Sobriety Tests

There are multiple avenues which a defense attorney may pursue when questioning the validity of field sobriety tests or chemical BAC tests, and an expert witness may be called upon to substantiate these claims. For example, the horizontal gaze nystagmus test is the only field sobriety test recognized by the state of Tennessee as scientifically valid. That means that the officer who administered the test should be properly qualified and trained to do so. An expert—such as a field testing instructor or former police officer—may be able to show that the results were misinterpreted or introduce the possibility of error.

Chemical BAC Tests

A chemical blood alcohol test uses blood, breath or urine to determine a subject’s BAC. Officers must adhere to strict protocols when administering these tests, and the samples must be stored, shipped and handled in very precise manners. Failure to follow these procedures could result in a skewed test result. An expert like a certified toxicologist may be called to testify that the validity of the test is questionable, due to improper testing procedures or mishandling of test samples.

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