DUI Blood Test Defenses In Tennessee

Although a BAC blood test is generally more accurate and reliable than either a breath or urine test, the fact is that blood tests are expensive and invasive. However, more and more law enforcement agencies are moving toward using blood tests as a means of determining a suspected driver’s blood alcohol content.

Blood Tests Are Not Infallible

Just because blood tests are usually more accurate, though, does not mean that they are not without their flaws. Mishandling of the sample and improper storage procedures can lead to skewed blood alcohol readings, rendering the results inaccurate. An experienced DUI attorney can examine the circumstances surrounding your blood test and determine the legitimacy of the testing as well as the result.

What Can Be Questioned In The Case Of A Blood Alcohol Test?

A knowledgeable DUI defense attorney will know what questions to ask when examining the details of your blood alcohol test. A seasoned attorney may ask such questions as: Was the blood sample taken within the prescribed time limit, as specified by Tennessee state law? Was the blood sample drawn by a certified agent? Was the proper preservative used in the proper amount in the storage vial containing the blood sample? Was the blood sample properly stored following the test? Is there a sample readily available for independent testing by the defense? Have all persons and equipment used in administering the test been certified by the proper authorities?

Based on the answers to these questions, your defense attorney may be able to question the validity of your blood test, and possibly render the results of the test inadmissible.

The Garza Law Firm—Experience You Can Trust

Marcos Garza is a reputable attorney who is dedicated to defending clients against DUI charges in the state of Tennessee. Along with being highly experienced in criminal court proceedings, Mr. Garza has undergone extensive training in laboratory BAC testing procedures, including blood and urine testing.

If you have been charged with DUI in the state of Tennessee, call the Garza Law Firm immediately. Mr. Garza will investigate the details of your case—including any blood tests or other means of BAC testing—to ensure that your rights are upheld every step of the way.

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