Tennessee SR-22 Car Insurance

If your driver’s license is revoked or suspended and you are able to obtain a restricted driver’s license, you will be required to abide by the Tennessee Financial Responsibility Law. In this case, your insurance company will have to submit an SR-22 form at your additional expense.

An SR-22 form provides proof of auto insurance. Drivers generally are required to submit an SR-22 when seeking to have their license reinstated after being convicted of a driving violation that resulted in license suspension.

Filing An SR-22

If you are required by the state of Tennessee to file an SR-22, you will need to contact your liability insurance representative. The form actually must be filed by an insurance company that is licensed through the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. The cost of filing the form will be determined by your insurance agency and the additional cost of this high risk coverage will be determined by your carrier.

Conditions Of The SR-22

There are certain stipulations and requirements that come along with the SR-22, such as time requirements and notices of license reinstatement. For example, the SR-22 may be required for five years from the date of your suspension. If the SR-22 is filed for three of those years, it may be cancelled as long as it is not required for any other suspensions. However, if the SR-22 is cancelled before the required time period is up, your driving privileges may be suspended again.

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