Tennessee Restricted License

If your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, you still may be able to obtain a restricted driving license that would allow you to drive to certain places during prescribed hours. Tennessee state law allows for you to apply for a restricted driver’s license through the court system.

Restricted License Application Process

After your license is revoked or suspended, you may submit an application to obtain a restricted driver’s license. Once your application is submitted, the court will schedule a hearing, at which time you will present evidence detailing why your employment may be jeopardized by your inability to drive. You also will have to show a lack of reasonable alternate transportation methods.

The judge will have final say over whether you are issued a restricted driver’s license or not. The judge will take under consideration factors such as whether you are likely to repeat the offense, or whether you may fail to comply with the restrictions of the license. Further, you must be in compliance with the Tennessee Financial Responsibility Law before you will be issued a restricted license. This law states that your driving privileges will be suspended if you cannot provide proof of auto insurance.

Where Can I Drive On A Restricted Permit?

If you are issued a restricted permit, you will only be allowed to drive to certain places, including to and from your place of employment, your school if you are a full-time student, your regular place of worship, your probation officer’s office and to scheduled ignition interlock device monitoring appointments.

Do I Qualify For A Restricted License?

You may qualify for a restricted license if you have no prior DUI convictions on your record. If you have been convicted of a DUI in the past 10 years, or if you have ever been convicted of vehicular homicide by intoxication, aggravated vehicular homicide or vehicular assault by intoxication, you will not be eligible for a restricted driver’s license.

If you are a CDL holder, you will not qualify for a restricted license under any circumstances—even if the violation occurred in a non-commercial vehicle.

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