Cost of a Tennessee DUI

There’s no getting around it: a DUI conviction is expensive. If you are charged with driving under the influence in Tennessee, you can expect to pay hefty amounts in legal fees, including mandatory court costs. If convicted, you will be responsible for payment of any court-ordered DUI classes or drug or alcohol treatment. If a judge orders you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, you will also be responsible for the cost of installation and maintenance of the device.

Other financial implications associated with DUI include bond payments to get out of jail, as well as high-risk auto insurance, which will be very expensive with a DUI conviction on your record.

You also will face a minimum fine, the amount of which depends on the number of previous DUI convictions on your record. For example, the minimum fine for a first-offense DUI is $350, however, court costs often exceed $1,000 additional.

A Quality Attorney May Save You Money

With all of the costs associated with DUI, you may ask yourself, “Why would I pay even more to hire a lawyer?” It’s a good question, and one worth asking.

The fact of the matter is, although quality legal representation may seem expensive, in the long run it may actually save you money to hire an experienced, reputable DUI lawyer than to go to court with no representation at all. A good DUI attorney may be able to have your charges downgraded, or even have the case dismissed altogether. More importantly, if your lawyer is able to negotiate a lesser charge or keep a felony DUI conviction off of your criminal record, you will have made a priceless investment in your future.

Other Consequences Of DUI Conviction

Before you decide to go without legal representation, you should consider the long-term impacts a DUI can have on your life. Employers are often hesitant to hire someone with a DUI conviction, especially if the conviction was a felony. You may also have trouble procuring financing for a house or automobile, as lenders frequently run criminal background checks on applicants.

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